Trophy Supermarket has provided the NAS (National Autistic Society) with awards for several events (check out our previous post about the Autism Uncut awards), Most recently, we were commissioned to create some bespoke medals for the Special Swimmers Association.

The NAS teams up with local swimming pools and leisure centres across the country to run special ‘autism-friendly’ swim sessions – dedicated times for autistic children and their families to enjoy swimming together in a welcoming, relaxed and comfortable space.

As part of the sessions, small changes are made to promote a sensory-friendly environment, where noise levels are kept to a minimum. This helps to create a calmer atmosphere, so that autistic children can make the most of their swim sessions.

Working with the NAS team, our designers came up with a unique special swimmers medal design, which will be awarded to autistic children at sessions in recognition and celebration of their swimming achievements.

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