This year GAME was a part of several Community challenge initiatives across the UK and with it came the need for a large number of medals. Enter Trophy Supermarket. GAME came to Mike, Director of Trophy Supermarket who was elated to be a part of the event.


GAMES major event was Void. Void is a “Video games, occupations, ideas and direction” gaming event in East London. It hosts games & experiences to individuals and professionals across the nation. They are partnered with GAME to provide a festival like no other. Event goers get to participate in tournaments, test new consoles and games, plus much more. Void also provide educational talks on how to be involved in the gaming industry.


There were several other events hosted this year with GAMES Community Challenge. All of which Trophy Supermarket was there for, supplying the medals with pride. Trophy Supermarket hopes to be a part of next years event and is pleased to see all the winners from this year displaying their medals and the final Community Challenge Cup with joy.


Have a similar event coming up? Speak to us about our various options for medals, awards and trophies. 


GAME VOID Festival